My Stepmom Is My Private Dancer – S2:E7

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Jasmine Daze has a date night planned with her husband, and she wants to make it special. She begins by kitting herself out in some stunning lingerie that hugs all her curves and highlights her big breasts. To help set the mood even more, Jasmine slips in some earbuds and begins shaking it to the beat. When she realizes that she forgot something in the living room, Jasmine looks to make sure the coast is clear before leaving her bedroom. She doesn’t hear her stepson Joshua Lewis when he walks in on her, nor does he make his presence known immediately while he watches his hot younger stepmom dance.Turning around, Jasmine sees Joshua squeezing his cock as he watches her. She tells him that she thought he had soccer practice, but he forgot his soccer shoes. Joshua then takes the opportunity to compliment Jasmine on her dancing and to ask her to teach him. Even though she’s reluctant, Jasmine eventually caves to Joshua’s begging. She shows off some of her favorite dance moves and then watches as Joshua copies them badly. He asks her to at least show him how to slow dance, which gives him the opportunity to feel her up and squeeze her ass.Although she knows it’s wrong, Jasmine can’t help but be turned on. She lets Joshua get even more handsy and then kisses him. Instead of backing off like she knows she should do, she lets Joshua cajole her into even more. He gets on his knees and eats Jasmine out, then spreads her thighs so he can slide home into her cream filled cooch. Jasmine rides Joshua in reverse cowgirl, then climbs down and sucks her girl goo from the shaft so she can give him a titty fuck. Getting on the couch on her knees, Jasmine moans long and loud as Joshua does her from behind. He keeps the motion of their ocean going until he pulls out to nut all over his stepmommy’s fine ass.