Moms Diary – S3:E10

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Jason is in bed masturbating when his stepmom, Vanessa Cage, walks in on him. She’s initially embarrassed and nearly leaves, but then she spies her diary beside Jason. Jason tries to play it off, but Vanessa is really upset that he has read her private (and super sexy) thoughts. Jason drops his defenses as Vanessa takes a seat on his bed and admits that she’s super horny and that Jason’s dad isn’t really taking care of her needs. In fact, Vanessa is starting to get an idea about how she can satisfy her needs.Getting more comfortable on the bed, Vanessa tugs the covers back and fists Jason’s erection. When he tries to tone things down a notch, Vanessa pops her sweater puppies out for him to admire. She offers to let him skip school if he takes care of her horniness. Of course Jason agrees. They swear to each other to keep it a secret and then Vanessa has shoved the covers out of the way so she can indulge in a deep throat blowjob. This hot momma can’t get enough of sucking that hardon, but there’s so much more to enjoy that she knows she has to move on.Slipping out of her robe, Vanessa climbs aboard Jason’s dick for a stiffie ride in cowgirl. Her giant breasts bounce with every move, enticing Jason even further. Vanessa hops off the cock and sucks her own juices from Jason’s dick before remounting him in reverse cowgirl. Then she rolls onto her back so Jason can take her to pound town as she moans her pure bliss. Getting on her hands and knees, Vanessa holds her ass cheeks apart as Jason gives it to her in doggy. She falls to her belly while moaning in delight about how deep Jason is giving it to her. When she’s finally sated, Vanessa get son her back once again so Jason can fuck her right until he pulls out to cum in her mouth. They agree that this has been great and they should do it again.